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Review: Baby Driver (2017)

Stars: Ansel ElgortJon BernthalJon HammEiza GonzálezLily JamesKevin SpaceyJamie Foxx.

Director: Edgar Wright

The plot:

Baby (Ansel Elgort) is coerced into a number of bank jobs as the lightning fast getaway driver by Doc (Kevin Spacey). That is, until his debt is repaid in full.  (This debt is never fully explained)  Of course, being even with Doc by no mean says you’re out for good and you do not say no to Doc.  So Baby’s dreams of hitting the road with Debora (Lily James) have to go on hold as he teams up with Buddy (Jon Hamm), Darling (Eiza González) and Bats (Jamie Foxx.) for that ‘one last job’ and then he can take off.


The cast:

This a well cast movie and you’d expect nothing less from Edgar Wright.  I was unfamiliar with Ansel Elgort but felt he was excellent as Baby.  He showed a good sense of vulnerability behind unmatched skills behind the wheel.  An easy to like character who develops into quite the determined individual as the stakes are raised. Jon Hamm was, again, very enjoyable as one half of the more empathetic pair towards Baby. He shows a nice brotherly warmth towards the hot-shot driver despite Bats’ constant taunting.  The interesting thing with Hamm’s character, much like Baby’s, is how he changes when tensions rise and blood is spilled.  Essentially Buddy is just out to fund the next nose bag with his better half Darling (Eiza González) who also shows an affection towards Baby but also towards big guns and having a great time with them!  


Jamie Foxx‘s character is the loose cannon in our mix.  He taunts Baby that one day he will have blood on his hands, not least because Bats doesn’t shy away from getting blood on his own hands.  Doc’s (Kevin Spacey) relationship with Baby is a little more complicated.  Spacey exudes his normal charm and wit throughout but always keeps you wondering about his loyalties.  Lily James appears as Debora and I wasn’t sure what to make of her.  At times she seemed a little flaky but she looked the part and her feelings for our anti-hero were clear so it’s all good.  Oh and Jon Bernthal appeared as well  but only very briefly and not in any kind of pivotal way.

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The film:

It’s a cracking movie.  It’s loud and exciting, sharp and clever.  As already indicated, the cast is very well-chosen and there’s an excellent chemistry between all the players and you get the feeling they enjoyed making the film as much as I enjoyed watching it.  As a big fan of car chase movies there was some excellent stunts and sequences included here.  I’d have liked to have known more about the debt Baby owed Doc as it wasn’t really explained but that’s only a minor complaint.  I saw one review call it the ‘coolest movie of the year’ and it’s certainly in that kind of mould, something a bit like the Scott Pilgrim movie, perhaps.  The soundtrack, naturally, is an eclectic dream.  The film is literally flooded with outstanding tracks from The Damned to The Commodores and this music really supports the film impeccably.  If you don’t get to the cinema much, this is a film worth making the effort for.  Original and different and never dull this will be up there in my movies of the year.

The verdict:

4/5 Stars: This is your killer movie.

Baby Driver on IMDb

Baby Driver Official Website


Review: Sleepless (2017)

Stars: Jamie FoxxMichelle MonaghanScoot McNairyDermot MulroneyT.I.David HarbourGabrielle Union.

Director: Baran bo Odar

The plot:

After apparently stealing a large consignment of narcotics from Rubino (Dermot Mulroney), Las Vegas cop  Vincent Downs (Jamie Foxx) sees his son snatched right from under his very eyes.  Rubino informs Downs that the stolen goods had been earmarked for sale to Novak (Scoot McNairy) and unless they were returned Downs would not see his son returned.  With internal affairs also interested in the case which also involved two murders, Downs also has Bryant (Michelle Monaghan) and Dennison (David Harbour) on his tail and it becomes a race against time for our anti-hero to save his son.

The Playlist

The cast:

Jamie Foxx has a mixed CV but, as Vincent Downs, I felt this stood up to a more than adequate level given the genre of the movie.  Although it’s never really in any doubt where his true allegiances lie he gives enough to the role to add a certain amount of questions towards his loyalties.  I particularly enjoyed Michelle Monaghan’s portrayal of a cop recently returned from being attacked by a junkie.  She asserts herself back into her role despite clearly being incredibly unstable but no less determined to get a positive result.  Partnered with the always enjoyable David Harbour, they both provide a good “buddy-cop” element to the film.  For Scoot McNairy, this was a role tailor-made for him.  Not unlike Bryant, Novak is an equally unhinged character with the same determination showing but with very different goals.

Log’s Line

The film:

We all know Jamie Foxx has made some excellent movies (see Django Unchained and Collateral) but there’s also been moments like Law Abiding Citizen which, at first look, Sleepless would seem to fall into the latter’s category.  It doesn’t.  It’s not a great thriller by any stretch of the imagination but it’s sits comfortably in the above average section.  It’s a very compact film, mostly set within the confines of a Las Vegas casino which gave it the a kind of Die Hard feel but on a much less extravagant level.  Yes, it’s very much a “by the numbers” action thriller and doesn’t really leave you guessing too much as to how things will conclude but with the right sort of performances the cast make the most of what’s put in front of them.  It’s not a film that is likely to stand out long in the memory but I didn’t leave the cinema in any way disappointed.  Sleepless gave me what I expected and in that respect didn’t leave any real cause for complaint.  The only thing I would say against it is that Sleepless presumes quite heavily there will be a follow-up as it suggests that there is more to come from the story than that which you have just witnessed.  I’d be very surprised if there was a sequel but, to be fair, I’d probably be interested all just the same.

The verdict:  3/5 Stars: A compact and well made thriller that ticks the required boxes.

Sleepless on IMDb

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