Review: Suburbicon (2017)

Stars: Matt Damon, Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac.

Director: George Clooney

The plot:

After a fatal home invasion leaves a man mourning a wife and a little boy mourning the loss of his mother, the lives of the residents of the all too perfect Surburbicon community are left reeling as their idyllic lifestyles are left in tatters.  There’s more to this home invasion than meets the eye and the little boy, Nicholas (Noah Jupe) learns some horrifying facts about his family and finds his own life under threat.

The cast:

I thought Matt Damon pulled off his role as Gardner really well.  On the outside he seemed the all round decent family man but underneath that there was a quite devious individual with unsavoury intentions and motives.

Julianne Moore played both Rose and her sister Margaret, although one of those characters did not make it very far into the film before being bumped off.  Moore puts in a decent performance without any real frills.  Oscar Isaac pops up briefly as the insurance investigator who fancies a piece of the pay out action but it’s a short appearance and doesn’t offer much to get your teeth into.

It’s Noah Jupe who really deserves the most credit as the young boy at the centre of the deception and foul play.  Nicky is the tortured soul of the movie and Jupe moves between terror and anger will some ease.

National Review

The film:

This was an interesting avenue for George Clooney to take in his directorial career.  Clearly Surburbicon is heavily influenced by the time he has spent working with the Coen Brothers.  So much so that there are a lot of glaring similarities to be made with the original Fargo.  In fact it’s almost the exact same story.  It’s no bad thing to want to emulate the Coen Brothers or such a heavyweight classic as Fargo but you have to do it well.  Unfortunately, whilst Suburbicon is a good watch it doesn’t achieve the lofty heights of the aforementioned Fargo. It’s well put together and well-played by both a decent leading and supporting cast.  There’s only a few laughs for what is presented in a black comedy format and at times there was some moments of boredom but not so much as to make it disappointing.  The film is very dark in tone as you would expect from the content of the plot but isn’t beyond employing some farce humour intermittently.

The Verdict: Something a little different from the norm without reinventing the wheel.

3/5 Stars

Suburbicon on IMDb

Suburbicon Official Website


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