Meet the Thirteenth Doctor – Spoilers (Obviously)

The new Doctor who has been announced by the BBC.  If you’d rather wait until Christmas to find out; good luck with that.

Here’s how it was released to the public:

Here’s my thoughts:

It’s very brave of Jodie Whittaker to take the role in the face of what I’ve seen so far to be vile and not very twentieth century attitudes let alone twenty first. She’s damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. Doctor Who has suffered from incredibly bad writing, for the most part, since Steven Moffat took over. Capaldi’s reign was plagued by it, not least because of the Clara debacle. If it’s terrible Whittaker will be blamed whether she’s a good or bad Doctor when it’s really all down to what she’s given to work with. Writers; it’s time to step up and give the Doctor a chance.

Times, change. The Doctor changes. She has a vagina but she’s not Sue Perkins so, you know, deal with it.

I like what I’ve seen of Jodie, most notably Broadchurch as the Mother of a murdered son, which also continues the strong links between Doctor Who and Broadchurch.

Welcome to you, number thirteen.


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