Live: New Order @ Old Granada Studios 15 July 2017 (NO, 12k, Lg, 17 Mif)

What an immense show from New Order last night at the old Granada Studios in Manchester as part of the Manchester International Festival.  It was also the final night and what a triumph the residency has been.  Full credit must also go to Royal Northern College of Music students on synths and Liam Gillick for they all contributed to a marvellous spectacle.

There were tracks not played live since the 80s and other less accessible tunes, each one a classic, not one of them a hit.

Think what you like about Hooky but back on home turf NO still have it in spades.
Truly amazing show. I even smiled, but that may have just been wind.  Tony Wilson, certainly, would have smiled.

I have a full video of “Plastic” which I will post when I have it in a format Word Press likes.

Full Set list:

  1. Elegia
  2. Who’s Joe?
  3. Dream Attack
  4. Disorder
    (Joy Division cover)
  5. Ultraviolence
  6. Behind Closed Doors
  7. All Day Long
  8. Shellshock
  9. Guilt Is a Useless Emotion
  10. Sub-Culture
  11.  Bizarre Love Triangle
  12. Vanishing Point
  13. Plastic


  14. Heart and Soul
    (Joy Division cover)
  15. Decades
    (Joy Division cover)
  16. Your Silent Face

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