Review: Assassin’s Creed (2016)

Stars: Michael FassbenderMarion CotillardJeremy Irons.

Director: Justin Kurzel

It would seem that adaptations of video games into movies, generally, has not had great results.  I’m particularly attached to the Resident Evil series but outside of those films there hasn’t been anything to really stand out.  To be fair, I’m not that familiar with most of the games to be updated to the big screen but that hasn’t helped me enjoy them any more or any less.  One notable disappointment was the Tomb Raider films although I didn’t dislike the first one all that much the general feeling was that it was poor.  So in comes Assassin’s Creed with a strong cast to boot can it succeed where others have failed?

UbiBlog - Ubisoft
UbiBlog – Ubisoft

The plot:

Sentenced to death for murder, Callum Lynch’s (Fassbender) life would seem to be at an end.  Not so, you could say it’s just beginning.  His last words being an instruction to tell his Father he would see him in hell as he is lethally injected, Lynch wakes some time after in the company of Sofia (Cotillard) a scientist who informs Lynch she can help him if he helps her.  Using her technology developed  by her Father (Irons) she wants Lynch to retrace the steps of his distant ancestor, Aguilar, and obtain the location of the Apple Of Eden which holds the secrets of human free will, at least that’s what they tell Lynch.  Lynch is thrust into battles and skirmishes in Spain around the time of the inquisition and although reluctant at first the opportunity to face his Father and put his anger to good use in the quest sees Lynch given a purpose he’d always been lacking.


The cast:

Michael Fassbender was a natural choice for the role, he shows the right physique for the part and the fact that he is a very good actor serves the movie well.  Where some might have been a little wooden Fassbender offers charisma in buckets.  He is paired well with Marion Cotillard she’s both committed and conscientious almost to a fault in her Father’s eyes.  She plays a subtlety passionate woman but not without morals.  Jeremy Irons plays a character with two sides.  On the outside he’s the successful philanthropist but behind closed doors his motives and goals are a little more questionable.  Given Irons’ track record with this kind of role this is meat and drink to him.  Both sinister and charming he’s every bit the part demands.

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

The film:

I liked Assassin’s Creed, a lot.  Having no expectations helped and after the initial disappointment that it was only a 12 certificate I really got involved with it.  It just, absolutely, flew past which leaves me to my only real complaint.  It kind of just ended as if they’d saved the rest of it for a sequel and cash in rather than make it something a bit more meaty and epic.  AC doesn’t allow itself to slip into unnecessary cheesy humour and keeps the tone positively dark which really appealed to me.  The action scenes are well constructed and are kept at regular intervals whilst still leaving room to develop the characters.

The verdict:

3.5/5 Stars: Dark and moody, every bit a movie like this should be.

Assassin’s Creed on IMDb

Official Website


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