Kula Shaker – The 20th Anniversary of K @ O2 Academy Liverpool 14 December 2016

Kula Shaker played to a great turnout at Liverpool’s O2 Academy on Wednesday night.  After successfully negotiating with the club and Sky Sports to move the Arsenal game to the Tuesday I was privileged enough to attend.  Rather than go back in time, Crispian Mills insisted we open some kind of tunnel to 1996 when their hugely successful K album was released, tonight was to be a celebration of that release and it was fitting for myself to witness it at what used to be the L2 nightclub where I would roam the dance floor to hits such as “Hey Dude” and “Hush” back in the day.  The album was performed in full, interlaced with new tracks from the K2.0 album and from their second album Peasants, pigs and astronauts.  Mills showed he is quite the talent with the guitar and the crowd lapped it up gleefully.

*With thanks to my friend Lisa Walters for the authentic set list you see at the end.*




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