Jason Bourne (2016)

Stars: Matt DamonTommy Lee JonesAlicia VikanderVincent CasselJulia Stiles

Director: Paul Greengrass


After almost a ten-year absence, Matt Damon returned to screens as the CIA project who remembers everything; Jason Bourne.  Back too for directing duties is Paul Greengrass and reprising her role as Nicky Parsons Julia Stiles also returns.

We pick things up where Parsons has uncovered more secrets involved in the Treadstone project, how Bourne’s father played a part and how Bourne’s alter ego David Webb came to “volunteer” for the program.  She seeks out Bourne who is to be found bare knuckle boxing, he says to survive but upon finding him Parsons suggests he is barely living.

The CIA is alerted to Parsons’ activities and tracks her to her meeting with Bourne.  CIA Director Robert Dewey (Jones), in what I can only describe as a promoted US Marshal role, is on the trail.  He despatches a maverick asset (Cassel) with instructions to take Bourne out whilst he believes he is running CIA agent Heather Lee (Vikander) on a more legitimate cause to bring Bourne in.  Who will get there first?


The plot really has no difference from anything that has gone before in Bourne’s world.  He uncovers another layer in the Treadstone conspiracy and sets out to wrong the rights that have been laid upon him.  That’s the big problem with this movie.  How many layers can there be?  I really think that if there is to be more from Damon as Bourne then they need to bring in a fresh writing team to give him something different to do.  Perhaps something away from the Treadstone story line.  After all, he remembers everything so maybe he can move onto something new.  I also believe that so soon after Spectre and its whole surveillance undercurrent that this element of the Jason Bourne plot seemed to lifted straight from the Bond theme.  I’m not a reader by any stretch but I’m sure there are some books any perspective writers could either adapt or take inspiration from.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the movie, there was some good action  but it just didn’t present anything new.  It really was all about getting to the final face off between Bourne and Asset and in all fairness it was a pretty brutal face off.  I didn’t really feel that Jones was all that immersed in the role and whilst Vikander is certainly easy on the eye she just seemed a little too sultry and pouty to be a driven hard nosed CIA operative with her own agenda.  That said, much like Jack Bauer when he returned, it’s good to have Bourne around again.  Damon can pay the role with ease and he smoulders really well throughout  Just give the guy a break and something new to do.

Verdict 3/5 Stars: Good action, better than most,but nothing new to see here, move along.

Jason Bourne on IMDb

Jason Bourne Official Website


One thought on “Jason Bourne (2016)”

  1. Good review and I agree with you. The acting was good (Damon is rocks as Bourne) and, despite repetitive plot beats from the past installments, movie is still enjoyable. Let’s hope that the next one chooses innovation rather than a retread.

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