Star Trek Beyond (2016)

Stars: Chris PineZachary QuintoKarl UrbanZoe SaldanaSimon PeggIdris Elba.

Director: Justin Lin

I had a good feeling about Star Trek Beyond the second I heard Sabotage by the Beastie Boys playing in the trailer and I’m glad to say it wasn’t just a trailer hook.  It makes if into the movie in fuller form and used cleverly at a timely moment.  That’s not the only good thing here though, far from it.

To give a brief plot outline; the crew of the Enterprise are three years into their five-year mission.  It’s fair to say they’re a little jaded. So much so Kirk and Spock are both considering career and personal changes respectively.  That’s not to say the crew aren’t the same tight unit they were, just that the fatigue of such a prolonged time in space is taking its toll.

When they dock at Starfleet’s brand new space station, which is introduced in stunning fashion in an amazing sequence, they have little time to rest.  They are sent out to rescue the crew of another vessel apparently lost on the other side of a nebula.  Upon their arrival the Enterprise is quickly under attack in yet more breathtaking passages of space battle.  They’ve been tricked and it’s up to Kirk and the crew to find a way to escape their new enemy, Krall.

The reason this film works as a Star Trek movie as with the previous two is that it managed to balance being faithful to the franchise as whole whilst retaining its own identity.  The chemistry between the crew is there and clear to see as it was back in Shatner and company’s day.  It’s just a different kind of chemistry.  That feat has to be down to some very smart casting.  These players had a lot to live up to and they must have carried the weight of that with them whilst shooting the film.  They needn’t have worried.  They are all very likeable and they play off each other very well.

The film is a good two hours long, it just doesn’t feel like it’s that long.  The pace rarely drops at any point.  What it does really well is maintain the sense of humour that appeared right through all the Star Trek movies, Kirk and Picard included.  In terms of effects they are truly something to behold, just one of the reasons Independence Day Resurgence was a complete disaster but far from being the only reason.  If you balance the humour well with your action sequences you’re on your way to a winner.  It’s a science fiction film that sucks you in and I firmly believe that whether you were a Star Trek fan before seeing this or not.  This movie and its two predecessors stand alone perfectly well.

Verdict 4/5 Stars: This timeline for Star Trek is certainly boldly going and standing up very well on its own merits.  Anyone who says otherwise needs their warp core checking.

Star Trek Beyond on IMDb

Star Trek Beyond Official Website


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