Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

Stars: Liam HemsworthJeff GoldblumJessie T. UsherBill PullmanWilliam FichtnerBrent Spiner.

Director: Roland Emmerich

So why did I go and see Independence Day Resurgence?  With the exception of the effects, which in 1996 were a big deal, the first film was awful and that’s putting mildly.  It was the worst kind of flag planting cheese-fest there ever could have been.  Why did I go then?  Well it was cheap Wednesday, that helped. The two of us were in for little over a fiver and it couldn’t be any worse could it?  You’d have thought not wouldn’t you?  Oh my, it got so much worse it beggars belief!

Apologies, there were quite a few questions in that first paragraph, but I felt you might ask me why I bothered in the first place so I was just heading you off at the pass.  Naturally, the next question has to be; so why was it so bad?

It is, to all intents and purposes, exactly the same film.  It’s just twenty years later and Will Smith isn’t in it.  After the events of ninety-six we’re meant to believe that the events then brought the whole world together as one.  That, literally, is the most farfetched thing about this movie.

As you would expect, the alien invaders return bigger and badder than ever although they aren’t really, well the ship is bigger and the aliens themselves look a bit bigger but they possess all the menace of penguin.  Jeff Goldblum even has to point out that the ship is definitely bigger in case any viewers weren’t sure.  Unlike the last time the alien invasion is preceded by another visit from space but believing this to be their old adversaries the Americans immediately shoot it down.  This doesn’t prove too costly as Goldblum is quickly on the case to resolve the issue.

So the armed forces, now a much stronger entity having used the alien technology from the previous invasion to improve their potency, use the same plan to disable the mother ship thus disabling all the attacking forces brought by their enemies.  They send their most annoying young pilots and it’s a horrible reminder of the Red Dawn remake.  They were just so unlikable I found myself rooting for the aliens the longer the film went on.  Liam Hemsworth really lacks the charisma to pull off the kind of maverick pilot type they wanted him to portray.

Goldblum is good value, but clearly there for the money.  Pullman does himself a good turn as the aging former President Whitmore.  William Fichtner gives a solid Commander in chief routine but Brent Spiner tries to steal the show reprising his role from the first film and it gets a bit annoying.

The film just doesn’t have that edge, the effects are no more impressive than in ninety-six and for the most part it’s just boring, humourless rubbish.

Verdict: 1 Star – Terrible. Waiting forty years still would have been too soon.

Independence Day Resurgence on IMDB

Independence Day Resurgence Official Website


3 thoughts on “Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)”

  1. I was so hyped to see this movie, but (like many) I was disappointed with it. Honestly, what were they thinking with some of the stuff? Nice review!


    1. Thanks Jason. Yeah, it’s not like they hadn’t had a long time to come up with something better. Think they were just relying on the effects to do it all for them but as I picked up on, great effects are so common place in this technological age that the film has to be good as well. That for me personally is a good thing. Gives sci-fi a bit more of a level playing field. If most movies can get the same effects standard then they know they have to write a film that stands up on its own.

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