Captain America: Civil War (2016)

So, I’m not going to waste my time writing six hundred plus words when a few will do.

Yet another one off the Marvel production line and it sees loyalties within the Avengers tested.

It’s quite good.  If you like these films you will love it.  If you do not like these films you will hate it.  That’s how simple it is.

Be warned, if you thought Spiderman couldn’t get anymore annoying then prepare to be more annoyed than ever before.  Tony Stark must have been pretty desperate.

Verdict 3/5 Stars

Captain America: Civil War on IMDb

Official Website


7 thoughts on “Captain America: Civil War (2016)”

  1. Spiderman is supposed to be like that in comics, he is supposed to talk while fighting and he is just a teenager. And i would like to hear more issues about the movie?


    1. Perhaps I should have mention at the outset that I haven’t read the comics. I don’t read much at all and I would be more interested to read biographies and humour than fiction. When I watch and talk about films I talk about what’s presented to me and if I compare it to anything it will be other movies. So what he’s like in the comics is not really important to me. If I did read anything that had a character like that I would likely put the book down.I grew up with Nicholas Hammond playing the role in the TV series The Amaxzing Spiderman so that would be what I would compare any later players against. As I recall he wan’t a teenager in that and certainly wasn’t that annoying.
      As for issues with the the movie itself I have nothing major, I gave it 3 stars as it was quite good but it’s nothing new, it never is with the Marvel conveyor belt. The market is saturated with superhero movies and the like like and when it comes to Hollywood nobody has an original idea, they just milk something to death. This is hammered in the home that twenty years after Independence Day we are getting a sequel.
      I want something different from my films even if it’s just now and then.

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      1. I respect your opinion, and to each his own. I am also not a huge fan, but have read a few comics, by I can see where you are coming from.
        It is very rare these days to get a good non fiction movie or a fiction with a new streak which makes you smile.
        Certainly Hollywood has become a home of remakes and sequel, hell I just heard a news of Megan Fox trying as Indian Jones. Another example other than independence day is the upcoming ghostbusters remake. I would certainly be happy if we get to witness better and original scripts.

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