The 5th Wave (2016)

Stars: Chloë Grace MoretzLiev Schreiber DIrector: J Blakeson

The 5th Wave is a story of alien invasion and the stages of that invasion which lead to the final fifth wave. It’s how a young high school girl come to terms with losing her parents and searching for her brother.

Chloë Grace Moretz plays Cassie.  Cassie is your everyday high school teen more worried about boys then much anything else.  Living with her parents and Brother Sam, she has a fairly good life.  She loves her family and friends and just wants to do the best by all of them.

When our Aliens, later to be called ‘The Others’, arrive nothing seems to happen at first.  Their craft just sits in the sky, looming over Earth like a, well, a Christmas star if I’m honest.  A few days after though, comes the punch, the earth is hit with an electromagnetic pulse effectively rendering the planet defenceless.  This is followed by earthquakes and tsunamis across the globe leaving only small numbers of survivors scattered around the world.  Added to this a strain of bird flu is released into the atmosphere and very few survive it.  The remaining few are left to seek sanctuary wherever they can.  So, there you have the first four waves.  What will the fifth wave actually be?

Refugee camps are set up and after losing their mother, Cassie, Sam and their Father arrive at one and hope is further raised when the US army then arrive in the shape of Colonel Vosch (Liev Schreiber and his troops.  Vosch instructs that all the children are evacuated to a military base immediately whilst the adults are debriefed.  During the debrief the adults are told that the others have now come down from their craft and are using humans as hosts and were exterminating the remaining human survivors from the planet.   This causes a panic within the civilians and leads to trouble.  Having returned to the camp to retrieve her brother’s teddy bear Cassie witnesses the brutal slaying of all the adult residents of the camp, including her Father. She attempts in vain to get back to her brother but she, quite literally, misses the bus and they are separated.

Believing anyone she now comes across could be an other, Cassie is extremely cautions as she attempts to make it to the base on foot, armed with a rifle and a teddy bear she promises she will get back to Sam.

Click to page 2 for how the film come over.


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