Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice (2016)

*** Some spoilers ***

Stars: Ben AffleckHenry CavillAmy AdamsJesse EisenbergJeremy Irons.

One thing to outline before we get into this film.  I am no fan of Ben Affleck; he has always been less talented than his Good Will Hunting partner Matt Damon either in front of the camera or not on camera at all.  When I heard he was to play Batman I was mortified.  I had visions of the Batman and Robin debacle and I pretty much ruled myself out of seeing this film at all.  This was a shame as a there was a lot of good work that had gone into Man of Steel, I just had this nagging feeling Affleck would have a pretty strong hand in destroying the foundations built by Snyder in the preceding movie.

So why did I go to see it?  Well, the trailers presented what could actually have been a good film.  It promised a wealth of action and the ultimate face off between two of the biggest comic book heroes known to man.

None of this happened.  It was just a complete mess of a film.

The Plot:

The plot picked up straight from the conclusion of Man of Steel only this time we find Bruce Wayne is in Metropolis at the time.  One of his buildings is destroyed in the destruction and high numbers of his employees and friends are killed.  So, understandably, he’s a bit miffed.  He makes a personal vow to take down Superman.  His resolve to do so is enhanced when Superman rescues Lois Lane in the Middle East when a CIA sting goes south resulting in many deaths.  Superman is held responsible for this loss of life.

All of this is, though, a front for the real reason for the activity in the area.  A number of interested parties are looking to acquire some kryptonite.  Specifically Bruce Wayne, for a weapon to destroy Superman, and Lex Luthor so he can use it onboard General Zod’s ship.  Luthor also has the deceased Zod’s body in his possession.  If you’re not familiar with the comics, which I’m not, then Luthor’s project was Doomsday.  This doesn’t really play a big part in the film until the latter stages.

We also have Diana Prince wandering around interfering in Bruce Wayne’s attempts to acquire information for reasons unknown.

Click to page 2 to for a superhero breakdown.


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