Primal Scream – Chasosmosis (First International – Ignition)

Primal Scream return with their eleventh studio album three years after their last “More Light’.  Released on Friday, ‘Chaosmosis’ was preceded by the singles “Where the light gets in”, which features Sky Ferreira on guest vocals, and ‘I can change’.  The album features a number of guest appearances, most notably Haim who features on what are arguably the best tracks on the album.

The two singles are fairly standard affairs which probably wont stay long in the memory, the first a basic pop tune with a fairly upbeat feel, which I do like particularly for Sky’s vocals, whereas ‘I can change’ is a more down beat affair that drifts along at its own pace. The album seems to take on a more electro pop feel during its short thirty-seven minute lifetime.  This is not unpleasant to the ear but it doesn’t always quite leave a lingering effect.

As already mentioned Haim appears on the album’s stand out moments, ‘Trippin on your love’ and ‘100% of nothing’.  The first of the these two tracks left me thinking of happy nineties times and the Soup Dragons.  ‘100%’ is a more substantial track and leaves a strong sense of the Evil Heat and Xtrmntr albums as does ‘When the blackout meets the fall out’ and ‘Golden Rope’.  ‘Private wars’ features Rachel Zeffira and is another downbeat softer track featuring some haunting vocals and string accompaniment.

Another in moment of note is ‘Autumn in paradise’.  This closing track took me to recall eighties electro favourites the Lotus Eaters and its mellow drift closes the album off nicely.

It’s not a great album by any means but as it’s been kept under forty minutes it doesn’t really have time for you to lose interest and it keeps you on board to properly assess it.  Yes they’re past their best but after thirty plus years and several line up changes it’s impressive that they still have the passion and drive to release new material and promote it. I like the album it’s a good listen, especially in the car.

Verdict: 3/5 Stars.


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