Deadpool (2016)

Stars: Ryan ReynoldsEd SkreinMorena Baccarin

So, it’s Thursday afternoon and I’m finally getting round to Deadpool.  I knew what I wanted from this film and it delivered, with only a few minor complaints.

Those who know me will be well aware at my distemper at the amount of big Hollywood comic book / super hero films that just roll off the factory line, mainly from Marvel studios.  None of these films really offer anything different from any of the others and works so desperately hard to tie themselves into their compatriot movies.  Enough already, think of something else.

So why am I watching? Well, finally something slightly different to the genre and Ryan Reynolds gets his wish, Deadpool is made a reality and it ticks all the right boxes pretty much throughout its duration.  It’s loud, violent and there are genuine laughs, some that really hit the mark and others that pass by unnoticed.  It doesn’t even have to try very hard with its plot.  A simple case of double-crossed man seeks cure for condition brought on at the hands of enemy believing the treatment would actually cure his aggressive cancer and exact his vengeance.  That’s it in a nut shell, throw in the female interest who, of course, is kidnapped and Deadpool has to rescue in a blazing finale.  The film sets itself up nicely with a spectacular opening sequence broken up with flashbacks on how Deadpool came to be, narrated by the man himself.

That’s all that was needed here.  Some imagination to keep the film different within the realms of its absurd nature.  I mentioned some minor complaints, I’m not Reynold’s biggest fan and his hamminess is testing at times but that’s the point.  I was more impressed with Ed Skrein after his pretty poor outing as The Transporter.  I think he’s more suited to the English bad guy than playing the lead protagonist.  Morena Baccarin lends just the right amount of sass and glamour to the love interest Vanessa.  There’s also nice support from the only two X-Men who happened to be in and not busy so they could help our hero out.

Definitely not a family friendly comic book adventure but one the more discerning adult movie goer should feel entitled to every so often.  There are excellent nods to many films and such throughout and particularly in the post credits scene.  It’s almost a feel good movie.  Depends on what makes you feel good really!

3.5/5 Stars

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