Has there been an album released this century you would risk your life for?

Following on from a short discussion prior to Foals’ gig at the Manchester Arena I thought I would try to engage my small panel of readers.

We discussed that music had, pretty much, been dire since the turn of the century and the query was raised “If you could save one album only released this century from your burning house(sorry about that) what would it be?’ Feel free to explain your selection if you so desire.  If you do not have a selection then opinions on why that is are also, very much, welcome.

Rules:  Just one really.  Initial releases only, no reissues or collectors editions etc.

My selection would be: The National – Trouble Will Find Me from 2013.  Simply because it’s a beautiful record from start to finish, not particularly upbeat but if you’re a fan of the genre then it’s a must have album. If you’re not familiar with it check it out on Spotify below.

Label: 4AD

Genre: Indie rock, Post-punk revival

Release date: May 17, 2013

Use the comments section to, well, comment and cast your vote in the general opinion poll.

5 thoughts on “Has there been an album released this century you would risk your life for?”

  1. I’d save Galaxy Garden by Lone (and I’d try and sneak Reality Testing by the same artist into the sleeve of the former!). Both great, breezy electronic albums influenced by first generation rave and people like 808 State and Orbital. I can see your point about there being a dearth of decent music this century but I’d counter it by saying that it’s guitar/indie music that’s in a poor state. Only a handful of such artists have piqued my interest since 2000 (Foals, Everything Everything, Young Knives, The Rapture to name a few) I’d say there’s plenty of good music about but it tends to be in other genres and you sometimes have to dig deep to find it!

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  2. Cheers G-man. Agreed on Foals. I tried the Everything Everything stuff a while back and wasn’t impressed but caught then end of their set supporting Foals and thought I’d give them another try. Really wish I hadn’t, a bit la de daa for me, can’t think of the right adjective! I will check out those Lone albums as they sound interestingly influenced. Fact magazine did a 50 best trip hop albums list recently, posted it to your FB, full of the usual suspects and some new ones on me I’m currently working through.


  3. That’s a good choice. It was so difficult to narrow it down to one album. I had a really good thing and narrowed it down to five, although if push came to shove, it would be Thickfreakness by The Black Keys, released in 2003 on Fat Possum. This was the band’s second album but the first of theirs I bought. The first noise you hear after putting the needle on the record (or pressing the play button) is the sound of Dan’s fuzzed-out guitar just ascending until the drums kick in and the blues rocking starts. The duo rocks and rolls through raw, dirty blues-influenced garage rock, and the album would be perfect if it wasn’t for the final track, I Cry Alone, which is not a fitting in to the album, I don’t think. There are a couple of covers on there, the rest are originals. Although the album isn’t perfect, it still means an awful lot to me as it began my love affair with the band, which sadly ended around 2013, when the sound seemed to have changed so much it didn’t really sound like the “old” band any more. I get that bands need to change but to me it wasn’t a good change. I’m all for progression but the music had just become inferior to the band’s earlier, gutsier output. Still, I’d save it in a heartbeat if I had to. Other honourable mentions go to The National – Alligator, Bardo Pond – Peace On Venus, The Cherry Thing – s/t and HEALTH – s/t.

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