The Revenant (2015)

The Revenant was never going to be an easy watch but I feel its fallen victim to its own hype. For what is essentially a revenge movie with an unforgiving backdrop it just left me feeling a little empty, as if the time and effort spent watching never really delivered a satisfactory pay off. As is the way with many films these days you had to strain at times just to hear the scant English dialogue, the rest of which came with subtitles. People will talk of awards for DiCaprio and whilst he clearly put his all into the role it does not stand out against quite a few of his other movies and certainly not The Wolf of Wall Street. Visually, its bleak scenery is well captured but it doesn’t really give of the atmosphere to the extent that you feel DiCaprio’s character’s struggle to be all that difficult. Most disappointingly is the lack of screen time Tom Hardy actually enjoys and when he does it’s rarely with DiCaprio nearby. Sure give Leo an Oscar but as is the way it’s usually given for the wrong role.

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